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"Specialized in leveraging organizational goals
by attracting, developing, coaching, and retaining talent"

What is Talent Management?

In this new HR, professionals are expected to know the business well enough to align human capital with business needs, either by developing the needed talent or going outside the organization to get itů. The talent manager is responsible for finding, developing, and keeping the best and brightest workers to meet the needs of the organization. He or she will manage learning and succession planning, moving people through the talent pipeline.
Bates, S. (2002). Facing the future. Society for human resource management. HRMagazine, 47(7), p. 28.

The idea of talent management is that hiring and developing your people is one of the most important and strategic decisions a company can make. And, becoming an employer of choice by viewing and treating targeted candidates not only as potential organziational talent, but also as potential future customers, users, and referrals will result in a more successful (and cost-effective) recruiting and development philosophy, and therefore a more effective overall long-term business strategy.

The field requires people who not only are skilled recruiters, but also skilled marketers, trainers, customer care managers and brand managers, with tactical and technical expertise. It needs forward-thinking leaders who understand business need and strategy. As an experienced college recruiter, career coach, recruiting consultant and leadership trainer, as well as a current MBA candidate skilled with technology, I offer you a unique background to leverage your talent management needs across the organization.

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