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"Specialized in leveraging organizational goals
by attracting, developing, coaching, and retaining talent"

Examples of Work


  • Employment at Will (PDF). For a values-based leadership class, this includes analysis of employment-at-will's implications and effectiveness, and providing managerial recommendations. Received a perfect grade of 100%. Research included Lexis-Nexis.
  • Generational Diversity in the Office (PDF). For a strategic performance management class, I analyzed generational diversity and how it affects management styles. Includes recommendations for managing generational diversity.
  • Best Practices for New Hire Orientation (PDF). For an organizational learning class, I interviewed HR trainers and analyzed new hire orientation practices at several corporations, synthesizing them into a list of best practices.
  • Strategic Analysis (PDF). This 30-page analysis explores Microsoft's Business Solutions division, including its core competencies, positioning, industry environment, and diversification, and provides recommendations based on many strategy tools, including Porter's theories and the BCG matrix. Part of a 4 person team for a strategy management class, where I was the one charged with putting the paper together and creating a consistent voice and flow. Received a 95 (class average was 88).
  • Trend Analysis (PDF), using pivot tables in Excel. For this project, for a technology course, I was given over 20,000 lines of data in two different spreadsheets and had to analyze it to come up with recruiting and retention trends for a fictional company and devise talent management recommendations. Received a perfect score of 100% (class average was 82).
  • Case Study Executive Summary (PDF) for Cigna Insurance Case. For this case, I was in a group of five that was assigned to analyze a Cigna claims office from the perspective of leadership effectiveness, communication styles, and talent management. We came up with 15 recommendations and presented them to the class. I wrote the executive summary and devised the formatting for the in-class presentation. Received highest grade in the class.
  • Financial Analysis (PDF). For this project, I was asked to analyze the financial statements of PepsiCo, in comparison to Coca-Cola, as a member of a three-person team. Received a perfect score of 100%.


  • Thesis executive summary (HTML) addressing leadership training methodology, effectiveness, and usefulness. Thesis was based on a 2-year study and resulted in a 100-page document and faculty defense.
  • Motivation in the Workplace (PDF). Particularly addresses Maslow's and Herzberg's theories and how they relate to the modern office. Written for an undergraduate honors program capstone class.
  • International Management Paper (PDF), focused on training American expatriates for assignments abroad. I was charged with writing one cohesive paper based on compiling everyone's individual research (9 group members).

CREATIVE - Websites, Presentations, etc.

  • Website for the Suitts Center for Career Placement at the Daniels College of Business. Designed layout and wrote text.
  • Presentation (PPT) regarding career mapping and action planning. Presented to several classes of MBAs and to Dress for Success professional women's group.
  • Behavioral Interviewing Guide (PDF) written for MBA students at Daniels.
  • Fictional Case Study (PDF) that I wrote for an "expert role" in an MBA class about business process management (BPM). I had students read the case and discuss solutions in small groups, then I led a class discussion (45 students) on BPM solutions.

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